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Settori: Electric Electronic and automation Instrumental

Sting Srl, established in ’94, includes and co-ordinates various professionals and skills in the electrical and electronic systems sector for industry, services, and manufacturing to integrate functional, safety, reliability and aesthetic needs.

Sting works to improve production system reliability through the analysis, research and application of management and operating techniques; this reliability means the correspondence of systems and structures with their intrinsic goals in terms of production (economies of scale, working life, quality, and quantity) and in terms of safety (property, people, environment).

The strategy aims to improve efficiency and competitiveness in the production system sphere, protecting property and workers and the environment, through planning, construction, and start-up assistance, technical or employee training and safety.

The structure of the company integrates three fundamental elements:

  • Experience in electrical and electronic systems for, industrial plants, tertiary and public buildings;
  • Careful analysis of costs/benefits ratio related to risk elements due to the use of plant equipment;
  • Knowledge of electrical machines and of the most advanced technologies for the control and management of plant equipment.


Our services range from scratch engineering to the analysis and planning of restructuring works aimed at obtaining the reliability of existing plants, thus ensuring a complete technical and bureaucratic support in:

  • Steel plants;
  • Manufacturing industry;
  • Waste treatment plants;
  • HORECA sector;
  • Historical buildings renovations;
  • Advanced services;
  • Public lighting;
  • Security systems.

Services supplied:

  • Electrical basic and detailed engineering for HV/MV/LV, lighting, distribution, control and supervision systems;
  • Design of systems for the production and transformation of energy;
  • Development and integration of systems for building automation
  • Security and safety electronic installations design;
  • Overvoltage protection studies;
  • Electrical measurements and analysis of electrical networks (harmonics distortion, flicker, consumption analysis, etc.)
  • Analysis and studies for the improvement of energy management
  • Operation and management of sites, with safety matters supervising
  • Commissioning and start-up of plants
  • High competence technical support on large electrical machines (DC motors, AC motors, transformers)
  • Analysis and vibrations monitoring with certified “SIT” instrumentation
Sting Srl
Via Piovega, 45
Gemona del Friuli
Tel. +39 0432 971881
Fax +39 0432 983983
First person to contact: Tullio Contessi



Via Piovega, 45
33013 Gemona del Friuli (UD)

Telefono e fax

Tel: +39 0432 983984
Fax: +39 0432 983983

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