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Settori: Industrial process

Rennovel has a well-established experience in engineering systems for the process industry.

Our skills have been honed in an international context, enabling us to offer outstanding technical capacities and innovative contributions that add value to our clients.

Rennovel joined the Uniplantex engineering network ( to improve our competitiveness and to integrate our offer with all the technical disciplines related to plant engineering.

Process engineering

Our main specialization is process engineering, a field whose goal is to select and integrate operations units, subsystems and components of industrial processes in order to transform raw materials and semi-finished products into the final products desired by the client.

We foster a multidisciplinary entrepreneurial culture, which is key for developing effective interactions with our clients and with the other disciplines involved in the development of the project, with the overarching goal of maximizing cost-effectiveness throughout the plant’s life cycle.
Our core technological markets of expertise are:

  • energy, cogeneration power plants
  • biogas plants
  • renewable energy systems
  • water treatment

Services – process engineering

For new facilities:

  • definition and optimization of the industrial process
  • production of process engineering documents (process flow diagrams, heat and mass balances, functional design specifications, datasheets…)
  • feasibility analysis and support for business plan preparation
  • analysis and mitigation of technical and economic risks
  • technical specifications of systems, subsystems, and components
  • economic and technical alignment of bids from suppliers
  • assistance with the construction and testing of facilities

For existing facilities:

  • process analysis to identify the operational variables on which intervention will improve performance
  • identification of maintenance interventions to increase the system’s reliability
  • assessment of bottlenecks and proposals to increase the system’s availability or performance
  • technical training of staff

Management and organizational structure

The systemic approach and the big-picture view typical of process engineering are useful even in management and in developing an optimal organizational structure.
It is essential to take into account the human factors involved in teamwork and to effectively manage the flow of information between the client and the various technical specialists in order to achieve technical coordination and optimal project management.

Efficient project development requires a lean and solid organizational structure that enables a swift and robust progression forward. The use of advanced computer tools facilitates the achievement of these objectives in a context of increasing complexity.
Services – management and organizational structure

  • project engineering
  • project management
  • consulting for organizational consolidation, integration and streamlining
  • identification, implementation, and administration of information technology tools to support the organisational structure

Research and development

Rennovel avails itself of great passion and creativity, in addition to the assets described above, to participate in research and development programs.

In this context it becomes key to stimulate the generation of new ideas, to select the most promising among them, and to gradually include new members into our team as needed for the development of novel products.

In addition to innovative ideas, which arise naturally in a scientific and technological environment, it is essential to deploy great marketing skills for the assessment of market possibilities, the evaluation of a new product, and the recruitment of financial sponsors. Once the commercial value of a new product has been established, the next step is to engage management components, production capabilities and business networks in order to complete the R&D phase and launch the project into the market.

Services – Research and development

  • organization of brainstorming sessions for the generation of new ideas
  • progressive setup of working teams, including elements from technical and scientific fields, and also marketing, financial, managerial, administrative and productive fields
  • Support for market analysis of a new product and specification of its market value
  • definition and coordination of R&D program
  • direct investment participation
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