Environmental Technologies Srl

Settori: Environment and Health

Environmental Technologies srl is a company for developing integrated Design&Services for industrial and artisan plants since 2009. The technicians that are working for have a large and long experience in Design Ecological Plants, since 1984. Specifically, our activities are:

  • Design Air Pollution Control Plants for Iron&Steel Industry and Foundries
  • Design Municipal Solid Waste treatment plants finalized to maximize recovery of materials, biogas production and Refuse Derived Fuel from wastes
  • Design of systems and equipment for noise mitigation and reduction in the industrial and handicraft
  • Soundproof systems (Doghouse—Elephant house), partial or complete for Electric Arc Furnaces or other high noise emission sources, with large movable walls and gates
  • Design of removable energy plants
  • To assist customers for erection and commissioning industrial plants
  • To measure, to verify, to evaluate, existing industrial plants to propose refitting of them
  • To be a consultant in these type of activities.

Our mission is the protection of the Environment and the People according to actual rules and norms,
proposing to our client’s Plants and Systems technologically advanced, with a defined target to minimize the residual pollution, utilizing our competencies and skilled collaborators, capacity developed in years of experiences.

Every project will follow a road map starting with a detailed analysis of input data and expected output
data in terms of capability, performances and guaranties, to provide plants and systems sustainable. The regular and continuous check of the project together with the client allows reaching the end of the project in the prefixed time.

Our Vision is to design and to provide Zero Emissions Plants, for the complete protection of Workers, Inhabitants and Environment.

Environmental Technologies Srl
Via Martignacco, 272
Tel.   +39 0432 540604



Via Piovega, 45
33013 Gemona del Friuli (UD)

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Tel: +39 0432 983984
Fax: +39 0432 983983

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