Alping Italia Srl

Settori: automation robotics and software applications

ALPING ITALIA S.r.l. unifies throughout its staff professional figures with qualified experience who operate in the field of process controls of industrial plants.

We develop integrated solutions for industrial automation, management and supervision of plants, supplying software for the process control, the supervision of the plant and systems for the acquisition and processing of data at high speed.


Software applications PLC: we guarantee the process controls of the plant by means of the use of PLC and SOFT PLC; on these controllers, in the course of the years, Alping Italia has developed high profile technological applications.

Software HMI applications: The human-machine interface is delegated to superior level systems, and in this case too Alping Italia supplies reliable technological proposals by the means of which the integrity between the operators and the industrial systems is guaranteed in an efficient and efficacious way.

Software Applications for data Acquisition: by means of the use of platforms IBA, we create custom made systems for: acquisition and filing of data at high speed; data analysis and elaboration; automatic generation and reporting; automatic data transfer to database; product traceability and quality control.

Robotized systems: the latest frontier we are taking on is the supply of robotized systems for labeling by means of a card with a single pin of the finished product at high temperature.

Start-up, Testing, and Assistance: we directly follow the commissioning activities and the completion of the start-up activities, the trial and the assistance of the plants which we have designed or those designed by our clients.

Machine vision: we develop and implement systems based on standard cameras and 3D sensors integrated in the production line or with stand alone architecture; depending on specific customer needs machine vision may support the process guaranteeing reliability and repeatability of the in-process product quality checking or become the key-component where the variability of working conditions requires a “smart” approach such as the robotic guidance systems for object localization and manipulation

Alping Italia Srl
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ZIU Pavia di Udine
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33013 Gemona del Friuli (UD)

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Fax: +39 0432 983983

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