Uniplantex is a network of companies specialized in providing engineering and consulting services for the industrial plant sector and the advanced service industry.

Uniplantex is, on the one hand, a single point of contact for the client and, on the other hand, an interface towards a multi-disciplinary network of companies and professionals with complementary specializations, coming together dynamically and working as a flexible team based on the specific requirements of the project.

Our specific structure allows us to be an extremely competent partner, flexible and highly structured for the development of industrial plant engineering projects of any size.

Our partners

All our network partners are companies or professional firms with proven experience in the environmental, energy, steel, industrial, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, and shipbuilding industries.

What we do

Uniplantex wants to be the trusted partner of those managers, executives and investors who need to develop industrial plants or new process lines.

Uniplantex provides executive representation services, as well as management, coordination, legal, and administration services for all industrial plant engineering projects.

We carry out feasibility studies

We assess energy impacts

We develop

We design

We design

We find and manage funding and financing targeted to the sustainability of projects

We design plant logistics

We work with purchasing departments to advise on the technical (quality and timescales) and financial (price and quality) aspects of the most suitable solutions for their projects

We design plant safety

We monitor and manage industrial processes

Leveraging our networked structure, the skills of our project coordinators, our extensive international experience, and our ability to deal with intensive workloads, all our services

This gives our clients the peace of mind to safely focus on their business.

Some numbers

<span class="giallo">1 single point of contact </span><br>for each client
highly qualified <br><span class="giallo">professionals</span>
<span class="giallo">offices</span><br>in Italy and abroad
<span class="giallo">years</span><br>of history in total
<span class="giallo">hours/year</span><br>worked
<span class="giallo">hours</span><br>of experience
we followed projects in
countries in the world

Do you have a project to develop?

Specialised in 8 industrial sectors



Water treatment, solid waste treatment, atmospheric effluent treatment.



Process ancillaries, fumes treatment, water treatment.



Biogas, renewables, waste-to-energy.



Classification plans, hull structure, coordinated system plans.



Piping, process, facilities.


Industrial air conditioning

Environmental control systems, fumes, vapours and dust extraction, air treatment, HVAC.


Advanced service industry

Integrated design of structures and technological systems using BIM methodologies when required, advanced control systems.



Manufacturing and processing industry, complete project development from the technology layout selected by the client.

Our structure

Thanks to our own design process and our specific networked organizational structure, we can offer our clients the best designs, developed by highly specialized designers, meeting all agreed timescales and expectations in their entirety.

Each project is led by a Uniplantex Project Director. This person is the main point of contact for the customer, interfacing across the different technical and administrative areas of the project.